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I came to Australia for the first time 4 years ago on a working holiday visa. I fell immediately in love with this country, the nature, the wildlife and the people (1 person especially ! 🙂 ). Travelling across this continent for a year has been the best experience of my life.

When my visa ended in 2015, I went back to France to finish my master in Digital Communications and Marketing. I was lucky enough to accumulate international work experiences in several countries such as Canada and Brazil. After a couple of years, I decided to follow my partner back to Australia. Today I feel so blessed to live in a city as beautiful as Sydney and to work with other passionate travellers and such beautiful people as Jeanne, Celine and Angelique.

At My Dream Adventures we want our travellers to experience the best of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, just like we did. It’s such a pleasure to hear their adventures, see their photos and to feel like we are travelling with them. Even after a few years in Australia, I still have so much to discover and I am excited to know I will keep living my dream adventures.

If I was a destination: the Great Barrier Reef!
If I was an experience: skydiving
If I was a transport: a furnished van with fairy lights above my bed
If I was an expression: Fair Dinkum!

Favourite restaurant: Café de France in Sydney, for the beautiful french cuisine of course!
Favourite bar: the Coogee Pavilion in Sydney for the rooftop and the view on Coogee Beach!
Favourite hike: the Manly Scenic Walk
Favourite snorkelling spot: the Great Barrier Reef!

My best kept secret: If you want to go off the beaten track I recommend the Donnelly River Village in Western Australia. It is a preserved mill town (built in the 50’s) hidden in the middle of the forest. Cottages in the village, built originally for timber mill workers have been restored and now provide holiday accommodation. You will be charmed by the “back in time” effect and the rich wildlife (kangaroos, emus, parrots… ) that will come share your breakfast in the morning!