Road trip

Road tripping around Australia is for the independent traveller, those who enjoy driving, who value their freedom and aren’t afraid of the occasional unforeseen event.

My Dream Adventures respects your longing for freedom, your need to escape, we let you control your own trip. We whisper great advice and show you the way to make the most of your road trip and to simplify its planning… For everything else: it is up to you!

Most importantly, we need to find out which type of vehicle will suit your road trip. My Dream Adventures advises you depending on your budget, your comfort needs and the places you wish to explore. Options include carcampersmotorhome or 4WD rental.

Renting a car allows you to enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a real bed. Campers and motorhomes offer real freedom within your itinerary. A 4WD will give you the ultimate access to the country’s numerous unsealed roads. There are amazing packages that combine your 4WD vehicle with all the necessary camping equipment.

My Dream Adventures also books your accommodation for you. Your choice ranges from hostelshotels, and camping. Once the basics are sorted we can jump onto the exciting stuff and book all your activities and tours!

Please note: the international drivers license as well as the original drivers license are required. Also be mindful when you rent a vehicle to read the terms and conditions with detail since your insurance won’t cover you on certain restricted roads.

Bus pass

Travelling Australia with a bus pass gives you flexibility and alleviates the worries that come with driving. No need to worry about vehicle insurance, fuel costs, long driving hours, crossing animals, etc. It is also an affordable way of travelling the country. The several companies that offer bus passes across Australia have an amazing selection of stops on the way, that way you won’t miss out on anything!

Travelling with a bus pass also offers a nice social atmosphere, especially for solo travellers that will most certainly meet other travellers on the way!

You can go with either Premier Motor Service or Greyhound for an optimal budget option or if you wish to travel the East Coast on a hop on hop off option but would like more guidance you can go with Stray. These guys offer a great balance between flexibility and guidance!

Ask us for advice and make sure you make the best decision!

Guided tours

Travelling with guided tours guarantees peace of mind and gives you this “real holiday” feel! Guided tours usually include – but not always – everything (transports, accommodation, food, guide and most activities). This makes the trip run super smoothly and also helps you budget the entire trip quite precisely. Guided tours is also convenient for people that don’t feel extremely confident with their English and would rather feel accompanied in order to avoid any bad surprises. This option is also perfect for solo travellers who wish to meet other like-minded travellers on their trip.

Know that we can very easily combine guided tours with a part of self-drive road trip and / or bus pass. Indeed, often travellers choose to seperate their Australian adventure in multiple type of experiences. For example, you can do the Red Centre on a guided tour then the East Coast as a road trip and add in some small guided tours at some key locations that may be complicated to explore by yourself. For example, Fraser Island can only be explored by 4WD or the Whitsundays can only be seen on a boat. These are therefore small guided tours of a day or 1/2 nights and can be added to a larger self-drive itinerary.

These tours can be booked through My Dream Adventures in packages therefore saving you money. You can choose to book them “open dated” if preferred.

There are many guided tours in Australia, ask My Dream Adventures to guide you through the options and accompany you in your choices.


Travelling Australia using the train is a completely different experience to trains in Europe. we don’t particularly choose to travel by train to save time and money (sometimes quite the opposite!). It is rather considered a unique experience.

The country is huge therefore the journey between the different destinations can be really long. In saying that, we usually choose to travel by train to take our time and appreciate Australia’s immensity. Australia actually holds two of the longest train tracks in the world. The Ghan – from Adelaide to Darwin (allow at least 4 days) – and the Indian Pacific – from Sydney to Perth (allow at least 4 days).

These trains offer several comfort levels, from comfortable reclinable seats to luxury private cabins.

Go for the exceptional wandering experience these options offer!


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