Island hopping

Exploring Fiji through an Island Hopping Pass seems like a great idea since it is a country made up of 300 islands! Indeed, the most common way of traveling from one island to the other is by ferry. The company Yasawa Flyer offers multiple packages to meet all Fiji exploring needs.

My Dream Adventures can advise you on the different options available to make sure you end up with the perfect package for you. We can help with transport and / or accommodation packages. Therefore you can choose to build a flexible or set itinerary that will allow you to explore several islands depending on your own wishes.

Explore Fiji with the pass that suits your tropical dream!

Island stays

If for you Fiji rhymes with chill out and relax or if you simply don’t like to constantly unpack and pack your bags we have the ultimate solution for you: the “Island Stays”. These are packages that include all the necessary to spend an awesome time on one of Fiji’s beautiful islands.

My Dream Adventures helps you make the difficult decision of which island will suit your tropical dream the best and organises for you transport, accommodation and sometimes even your meals and activities for an all inclusive holiday.

Let us send you on your perfect tropical dream!

Guided tours

If you want to see the “real” Fiji and really immerse yourself in their fascinating culture, if you wish to see more than their paradise like beaches, there is nothing better than to experience one of the guided tours of the main island guided directly from locals. It will feel like you are being shown the country by a friend who is inviting you into his village to meet his family and share the secrets of his culture.

Viti Levu‘s (main island) guided tour also offers the option to hop on and off, therefore giving you the option to stay longer at one of the spots and hop back on the next available bus. You can, for example, hop off at Pacific Harbour to enjoy all the extra activities offered there, such as zip lining, kayaking, windsurfing, jet-skiing and many more.

Viti Levu’s guided tour is therefore super flexible and includes your transport, some accommodation and activities. Meals are at your own cost giving you the flexibility to taste what you’d like. You need a minimum 4 days and 3 nights to complete the tour.

We recommend you extend your trip by adding the visit of other Fiji Islands (Yasawa and/or Mamanuca) to the guided tour. You could go on with a guided tour format or add an Island hopping pass for more flexibility.

My Dream Adventures will help you build your perfect tropical getaway!


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