Probably the most memorable experience in the world!

Haven’t we all had the dream of flying free as an eagle and see our world from above! Skydiving offers you this exact experience but even more!

Be prepared for an adventure with unrivalled thrills. Experience the paradox of the adrenalin from free falling followed by the feeling of exquisite satisfaction as you float in the air with euphoria.

My Dream Adventures offers multiple locations for your skydive. We assist you in your choice, depending o your itinerary, between ocean views, mountain views, Great Barrier Reef views, islands and more.

If your skydive is cancelled due to weather, we can re-schedule to another date and location. We highly recommend you book your skydive at the closest location to your departure point, therefore giving you many more location opportunities in case of a cancelation. That way you are nearly guaranteed to jump 🙂