We aspire to develop sustainable tourism by favouring eco-certified tour operators, educating our travellers on positive tourism and sharing our deep respect for the indigenous cultures of our destinations.


Are you a fellow committed dreamer looking for a responsible travel agent?

Perfect! You are in the right place here as, above all, we care about protecting our unique environment to make sure we can always keep exploring its beauty.

We want to build your personalised itineraries around Australia, New Zealand & Fiji so you can explore the incredible beauty of these destinations but we want to make sure this magnificent environment is as untouched as possible. We believe this is as much your responsibility as a traveller as it is ours as a travel agent! So let’s find out how we can contribute together to maintaining our pristine destinations…


A responsible traveler is someone who cares enough about the environment, wildlife, culture, traditions and people of the destinations they are exploring to consciously limit the negative impact their travels have on the planet.


How do you make sure you are a responsible traveller?

Choose a committed travel agent

My Dream Adventures is a committed travel agency. We deeply care about the destinations we cover and wish to grow better rather than bigger. One of our commitments is to make sure we constantly update and research how we can contribute to developing sustainable tourism. We understand travelling has an impact on our environment and we want to minimise our travellers and our own impact as much as possible.

We favour eco-certified tour operators and help our travellers travel more responsibly but we also donate to local charities who make a massive difference to the two causes closest to our heart: reducing plastic pollution and building a brighter future with (rather than for) Aboriginal people.

We make a contribution to Ocean Crusaders from every booking you make.

The guys at Ocean Crusaders do an incredible job to ensure that our oceans, waterways and beaches are clean and safe for all animals. They specialise in waterway cleaning on a large scale and help make sure the rubbish is removed from waterways before it reaches our marine life. We have chosen to work with Ocean Crusaders because we believe their work is making a real difference in the plastic pollution killing our marine life.

For more information on Ocean Crusaders’ work or to donate, please visit their website.

Be a committed traveller

Being a committed traveller starts at the packing stage of your adventure and goes on your whole life after your trip. The day you commit to respecting the destinations you travel to, you enter a much bigger community which is the worldwide community of sustainable living. Welcome to this beautiful space where people care about the world they live in, the animals they share this world with and care about each other!

This is a non-exhaustive list of what you can do to start travelling and living more responsibly:

Reduce your plastic consumption

  • Travel with a reusable water bottle.
  • Travel with a foldable, reusable bag for groceries shopping and refuse all plastic bags (even when shopping for clothes!)
  • Travel with a collapsible, reusable coffee cup. Yes, collapsible ones do exist!
  • Travel with reusable dishware. Find a good size lunchbox that can fit your cutlery and bye bye take-aways waste!

Do your bit for the environment

  • Pick up trash on your adventures. How easy is it to pick up at least 3 pieces of rubbish when leaving the beach (well done Take 3 for the Sea for this awesome initiative!)
  • Choose eco friendly toiletries (sun cream, soaps, deodorants) and help minimise pollution in oceans, waterways and lakes.
  • Take shorter showers and help save water.
  • Minimise flight transportation when possible and offset your carbon footprint when booking flights (most airlines offer this option in the checkout process).
  • Choose shared transportation wherever possible. Consider the bus rather than a van and meet more people!
  • Eat and shop local and in season. If the food you are buying isn’t local and in season it means it probably was transported from far away and flights or trucks have been used to bring them to you…
  • Do your bit to prevent fires. Respect danger signs and be mindful where you have BBQs or campfires.

Keep the wildlife wild

  • Do not feed or touch the wildlife.
  • Avoid using the flash on your camera when taking photos of wildlife. It scares them and may blind them!
  • Hope to encounter the wildlife in their natural environment or at least choose companies that make a better impact on wildlife rather than a destructive one…

Respect the local history, culture and people

  • Respect no photos signs.
  • Respect sacred sites. A great example is Uluru: do not climb it! Respect the Dreamtime (Aboriginal spirituality) and the belief that all objects are alive. What is important to you may not make sense to someone else but it is important we respect each others beliefs especially when we are in someone else’s home.
  • Visit Indigenous cultural centres and events. Learn from the locals the history and culture of your destination!
  • Support locals and buy your souvenirs made locally. Isn’t it insane to buy gifts made in China when you have local communities in your destination desperately needing funds…
  • Consider volunteering on your trip.

Be mindful when booking your adventures

  • Choose eco tours where possible.
  • Choose eco lodgings where possible.
  • Write online reviews and help your fellow travellers choose the right companies.