Côte Ouest

Western Australia is often described as the road trip state. As you roam its long deserted roads you will be amazed by its incredibly diverse landscapes and experiences on offer.

Enjoy the vibrant city of Perth before you wander off to spectacular deserted beaches, some of the world’s most beautiful reefs, surprising outback moonscapes and breathtaking rugged national parks.

Create lifetime memories as you swim with manta rays or whale sharks, meet the friendly quokkas, laze in stunning natural pools in the middle of the outback and sip some of the country’s best wines with magical views.

Explore the West Coast of Australia on a self-drive itinerary or a guided tour and feel a new sense of freedom as you discover nature at its best!

Explore the West Coast

Perth aller/retour6 jours

Best of South West Guided Tour

Travel on this off the beaten track guided camping adventure. This all-inclusive experience will have you connecting with nature and like-minded travellers through some of Australia's most pristine beaches and otherwordly landscapes. Exclusive Indigenous and culinary experiences also await!

Perth aller/retour7 jours

Best of South West Road Trip – Indigenous Focus

Venture on the awe-inspiring road trip of the South west of Australia with its picture-perfect beaches, impressive giant trees and delicate wines and fresh produce with several inspiring and fascinating aboriginal cultural experiences on the way.

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