G’day fellow travellers!

Welcome to My Dream Adventures!
You’re in the right place if you are looking for an adventure around Australia, New Zealand or Fiji.

We book your travel needs: transports, accommodations, activities and tours. And we provide you with a personalised itinerary to make the most of your time in these incredible destinations.


What’s different with us, you ask?


We’re glad you did, coz pretty much EVERYTHING!



Jeanne – the founder of My Dream Adventures – started her journey in the adventure travel industry more than 10 years ago! She has had the best of time ever since and decided to create her own structure to keep going with her passion as main drive, rather than focus on commissions and steer away from her main purpose. That is how My Dream Adventures was born!



No doubt we know our destinations like the back of our hands! We cumulate over 20 years of travel in this part of the world and 10 years experience in the Adventure travel industry to bring you the best experience ever!
On top of each consultants personal travel experiences, My Dream Adventures holds the highest degree of Australian and New Zealand expertise as we are certified “Aussie Specialist” by Tourism Australia and “100% Pure New Zealand specialist” by New Zealand Tourism.


Our priority is your satisfaction! We work with each one of you independently to craft the itinerary that mirrors YOUR dream adventures. There are no limits to the flexibility of our itineraries. We listen to your needs and your budget to create your ideal experience! Plan with us your adventure and you will have our support throughout your trip. Once your trip booked we don’t just let you go, we keep in touch to make sure your experience is up to your standards!


We have excellent relationships with a large selection of tour operators giving us access to a huge variety of products at very competitive rates. We strive to continuously offer the best possible packages.


Each one of us chose this job because we are passionate about this part of the world. We love these lands and these waters we get to explore and absolutely strive to develop sustainable tourism. This is reflected through our choice of favouring eco certified tour operators, educating our travellers on positive tourism and our deep respect for the indigenous cultures of our destinations.


We are constantly testing and collecting valuable feedback of the products and experiences we offer our travellers to make sure we keep offering incredible adventures. We are deeply involved in our industry to make sure we are constantly updated and keep developing great relationships that will benefit you! My Dream Adventures’ consultants have one leading goal and that is to make YOUR dream adventures come true!

Our success comes from crafting the best time of our travellers’ year and sometimes even life, whilst our best reward is hearing your excitement when you share your travel stories with us upon your return.


Our travel consultants are travellers just like you but with the extra knowledge and experience necessary to building an effective itinerary. We have been travelling in all of our destinations and know all the incredible experiences and off the beaten track adventures they have to offer!

Beyond that: we embody the traveller! Most of our consultants choose the “My Dream Adventures way of consulting” so we can keep living our own adventures and perform our dream job with total flexibility. For some of us it means we may still be on the road, for others it may be that we are working from our paradise found, either way we are living life on our own terms and are not tide down to the rules of a rigid company culture.

So, what’s in it for you?
Well, this means you are dealing with a well-travelled, experienced, driven and simply happy consultant!