Conscious Travel

Conscious Travel at the heart of everything we do

With such love and passion for our destinations it is only natural that we strive to protect them. Our conscious commitment is our way of giving back to the countries that provide for us.

Our conscious commitment as a travel agency

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Eco-responsible operators

We carefully handpick our partners based on their passion for what they do and their commitment to protecting the environment and respecting the local cultures.

While we favour eco-certified suppliers everywhere possible, we are nonetheless sensitive to the commitment of tour operators and accommodation providers outside of the official certifications. Some of our suppliers may not have the official stamp, however because of our close relationship, we do know how much they care for the environment and/or indigenous cultures. What matters to us is their genuine dedication to these causes – leaving, whenever possible, nothing but footprints.

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Indigenous experiences

We have a deep respect for the indigenous people. We believe that learning about their cultures is the path to a more united world. We offer a wide range of authentic indigenous experiences in Australia, New Zealand & Fiji, and wherever possible they are indigenous owned & operated.

We are convinced that the tourism industry has a part to play in keeping the indigenous cultures alive. It starts with awareness and we feel that we have a responsibility to educate our travellers on their existence. We wish to influence them to meet and connect with the local indigenous communities, thus supporting their economy.

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We make a contribution from every booking to cultural and environmental charities. We also give each traveller the opportunity to adopt a koala.

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We Donate to Ocean Crusaders

We are extremely proud to support Ocean Crusaders as our choice of environmental charity. We are grateful for the incredible dedication and impact of this awe-inspiring team!

These guys are truly devoted to the fight against plastic as they go deep into the mud of our waterways to ensure our oceans, our beaches and all the animals are clean and safe.

We have been fortunate to participate as volunteers in some of their events and you are welcome to join us on these rewarding clean ups.

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We donate to Feed the Little Children

We are deeply inspired by the vision that Feed the Little Children holds for the youth of the remote region of the Kimberley in Western Australia.

We are proud to support their fight against hunger and their dream to “spark hope and see change by serving food”.

Your travel bookings and our regular donations contribute to fund the delivery of over 600 meals every week. Through our commitment, we hope to contribute to a happier, healthier life for the children of the Kimberley.

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Your Valuable Contribution

Can you imagine Australia without its iconic koalas? This could be our future as these adorable creatures are critically endangered! We are aware of and partake in the deep love and fascination for koalas.

Our founder, Jeanne, is based near Lismore home to Friends of the Koala where her own mother volunteers to look after the sick and injured koala residents. We would like to give you the opportunity to adopt a koala and in this way contribute to rescuing and treating sick and injured koalas and finally releasing them back into the wild where possible.

We can simply add your adoption package to your invoice. Adoption packages start at $50 and last for 12 months. Travel to Australia and become a Koala parent before you fly back home! And if the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales is on your itinerary ask us about organising a private visit at Friends of the Koala.

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Impact Your Travel Initiative

Our commitment to protecting the environment and local cultures goes beyond a simple promise. We truly wish to have a positive impact as a player of the tourism industry. As we have noticed our community of travellers to be more and more conscious of the need to protect our environment, we want to offer them an opportunity to give back to the wonderful destinations they get to explore and of which they often become infatuated.

This is why we are working on a very dear project: the Impact your Travel Initiative. Through this program we are connecting avid conscious travellers to small organisations who are seeking volunteer help to make a real difference for various environmental, cultural or wildlife issues. Our travellers will be able to connect with local communities and live unique, life-changing experiences such as caring for orphaned kangaroos, cleaning some of the most beautiful beaches in the world or supporting indigenous communities in need…

Please contact us if you would like to register your interest.

Taking our conscious commitment to our everyday lives

We choose to live our lives responsibly and hope to influence our community to do the same. This is how we encourage you to take action during your travels and beyond.

Conscious Lifestyle

Living a conscious lifestyle

All of us at My Dream Adventures are passionate about conscious travel but also about living responsibly everyday. We all do our very best to walk the talk!

We are constantly learning new ways to improve our waste management and minimise our impact on the environment. As we progress on this path we love to share our habits and learnings with you.

First and foremost, we encourage all of our team members and our wider travel community to use reusable products such as reusable water bottles, take-away containers and cups. We highly encourage to reject any plastic items and favour environmentally friendly products. We also love to shop local everywhere possible.

Furthermore, My Dream Adventures is a paper-free business. We use electronic itineraries and provide our travellers with an app to keep all their electronic itinerary and documents with them at all times.

Community Beach Clean Up Volunteers

Partaking in Conscious Events

Our team of conscious travel designers strive to attend and organise events that help offset our impact and spread awareness to drive a sustainable change in people’s habits. We often attend our partners’ conscious events such as Ocean Crusaders’ beach and waterway cleanups or organise our own local beach cleans.

Every year we attend the big clean up of the beautiful K’gari – Fraser Island organised by our dear friends at Drop Bear Adventures and we plan to attend more of these life changing events in the future. We generally share the details of these occurrences on our Facebook page and encourage all our beloved travellers to join us in these social cleanups to restore our planet whilst having some great fun!

Educating on Conscious Travel

We understand that the power of education is what will make a long-lasting difference in the well-being of the environment and the preservation of indigenous cultures. This is why we are so committed to sharing our conscious learnings with our travel community.

Join our beautiful community of sustainable travellers on our Facebook group to inspire and be inspired on all things conscious!

Be a conscious traveller

Read through our conscious blog posts to learn more about Conscious Travel. Feel free to comment on and share our articles with your own community of responsible travellers.

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