Fiji is a group of over 300 islands. We can therefore claim that there is an island for every tastes!

The Yasawas and the Mamanucas are two distinctive groups of some of these islands.

The Mamanuca Islands are the closest to Nadi (Fiji’s main airport). Therefore, these islands are the ideal destinations if you do not have much time to enjoy the tropical paradise of Fiji. These islands are generally smaller and usually hold one resort per island. You can walk around some of these islands in less than an hour. They are even sometimes described as grains of sand in the middle of the ocean and are a paradise for relaxation.

The Yasawa Islands are usually bigger islands, some of which are inhabited and therefore allow an immersion within the Fijian culture. Indeed, you have the opportunity to visit some of these villages and participate in authentic Kava ceremonies. The Yasawas are volcanic islands offering spectacular hikes with breathtaking views. These islands are further away from the main island of Viti Levu. It is a two to five hours boat journey to reach them.

Depending on your taste, we will send you on your ideal tropical adventure!

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