Conscious Travel / The backpack of the responsible traveller

Adopting new daily habits can considerably reduce our waste and our carbon footprint even when we are travelling!

Why is it important to be a responsible traveller? 

  • In Australia, it is 2.7 million single-use coffee cups that are thrown away every day which represents 1 billion coffee cups thrown per year in Australia only!
  • Plastic bottles are one of the most polluting wastes in the World! Most of which are found in our oceans and kill 1.5 million animals every year, because of plastic ingestion!
  • Around 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen are poured into the oceans every year! And some sunscreen’s chemicals could be a bigger threat than global warming and pollution for corals!
  • Today, the number of plastic straws strewn on the beaches around the world is estimated at 8.3 billion. A plastic waste among so many others which number could become higher than the population of fish in our oceans before 2050!

The responsible traveller backpack kit

Conscious Lifestyle
  • A reusable water bottle to reduce your consumption of plastic
  • A reusable cup to enjoy a zero-waste beverage
  • An aluminium straw to refuse to drink your smoothie with a plastic waste
  • An eco-responsible sunscreen to protect the reef
  • A cutlery kit with a lunch box to enjoy a waste free take away lunch
  • And of course your camera for memories and to follow this beautiful saying: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints and kill nothing but time.”


Travel Consultant

My family and friends have always called me Lolo the adventurer: impossible for me to stay put for too long. I need to move, to explore and to travel constantly to be happy, and never without my camera!

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